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The firm offers a wide range of services, including:

Because of its location, the firm has developed a very strong capability in the regions and industries of Australia ’s tropical north east. It also has a special capability in the economics of tourism and infrastructure development.


Over the years, clients have ranged from Sydney to the Torres Strait, across to the Northern Territory and Western Australia and into the Pacific. Although the firm has carried out a great deal of work for federal and state governments, it has had a particularly strong orientation to private enterprise clients, regional organisations and local government. In its home base region (Cairns/Far North Queensland), the firm’s regular client list reads like a 'Who’s Who' in business, organisations and governments operating in the area.

Multi-Disciplinary Jobs

The firm is highly experienced in organising multi-disciplinary teams to complete jobs and in participating in multi-disciplinary teams/sub contract arrangements.


By and large, the firm charges at an hourly rate for the different personnel involved. These rates are set at reasonable regional and not capital city rates. The firm is happy to assess the time involved to complete projects and provide a cost estimate/quotation.


Client confidentiality requirements are strictly observed.

Professional Associations

The firm is a long time member of the Economic Society of Australia and the Australian Market & Social Research Society.

Cummings Economics Recent Studies 2018 & 2019

  • Chillagoe Town Water Supply - Economic Impact Benefit Cost Analysis
  • Mareeba Snapshot 2019 – Statistical Profile & Articles
  • Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park - Benefit Cost/ Economic Impact Analysis
  • International Education in the Cairns Economy - Economic Impact & Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Major Development – Northern Beaches - Report on Need
  • New Mapoon Community Economic Development Plan
  • Causes of Higher Costs of Operation in Remote Areas - Results of Survey of Larger Businesses & Organisations – Normanton Qld
  • Trends in Tourism in Tropical North Queensland
    • Note 1 : Market Share Analysis
    • Note 2 : Aviation Statistics Market Share, Seat Capacity & Airfare Analysis
    • Note 3 : Economic Influences
  • Babinda & Gordonvale – Economic Development Strategy & Plan Update
  • Far North Queensland Aviation Museum - Economic Impact/ Benefit Cost Assessment
  • The Cairns Chinese Cultural & Heritage Centre Proposal - Benefit Cost & Economic Impact Analysis
  • Carpentaria Shire Council - Overarching Strategic Development Plan - Project – Road Network Study - Economic Impact/ Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Carpentaria Shire Council - Overarching Strategic Development Plan - Project – Normanton Raw Water Project - Economic Impact/Benefit Cost Analysis
  • Agriculture in Tropical Australia & the Case for Expansion of the Mareeba Dimbulah Water Supply System
  • Direct Air Services between Lae PNG & Cairns Australia - Business Case
  • Home Hill Sports Centre & Emergency Cyclone Shelter, Economic Impact & Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Review of State Government Long-Term Population Projections in Regional Queensland from the 1970s Onwards
  • Cultural & Creative Businesses Survey
  • Cultural & Creative Activities in the Cairns Region - Estimates of Economic Impact
  • Adventure Waters Project - Economic Impact Assessment
  • NPA Airport at Bamaga - Proposed Airport Terminal Upgrade - Economic Impact Benefit Cost Analysis
  • Argyle Diamond Mine Closure Strategy - Potential Projects - Initial Assessment
  • Argyle Diamond Mine Closure Studies
    • Preliminary Economic Profile
    • Post Mining Opportunities Analysis
  • Estimated Likely Economic Impact of Passenger Carrying Capacity - New Cargo Vessel
  • Mareeba Snapshot 2018 – Statistical Profile & Articles
  • Double Island Resort Palm Cove - Demand Assessment & Economic Impact
  • Kuranda Barang Street Sewerage Pump Station Upgrade - Benefit Cost & Economic Impact
  • City Tourist Attraction - Demand Assessment & Economic Impact
  • Gateway to the Cape Project Information Centre - Benefit Cost & Economic Impact Analysis
  • Tully Multi-Use Sporting Complex & Grandstand - Benefit Cost & Economic Impact Analysis
  • Proposed New Hotel Gordonvale - Economic & Social Impact in the Gordonvale Area
  • Mareeba Industrial Park Expansion - Benefit Cost & Economic Impact
  • Background Kuranda - “Village in the Rainforest”
  • KUR-World EIS Social Impact Analysis - Supplementary Information
  • Cairns Airport Capital Project - Economic Impacts
  • Cooktown Marine Project - Marine Infrastructure Audit
  • Rezoning Captain Cook Hwy Property Clifton Beach Cairns - Report on Need
  • Mareeba Industrial Park Heavy Vehicle Road Development - Benefit Cost Analysis
  • Projected Tourism Growth Cairns Region
  • Castaways Mission Beach Development - Demand Assessment
  • Cairns - Leading Population Growth in Regional Queensland Research Paper
  • Cairns - Leading Population Growth in Northern Australia Research Paper
  • Cultural & Creative Activity in the Cairns Region - Comparative Statistical Analysis
  • CE Ref J3129 Demographics of the Cairns Region – Statistical Analysis

Supporting Northern & Pacific Progress

Projects Map

Supporting Northern & Pacific Progress

Some projects undertaken by Cummings Economics & Compass Research
throughout Northern Australia & the Pacific Region.