Australia and the Tropical Turnaround - Part 1 The Tropical Lag

This is part of a wider work aimed at identifying the lag in development in the tropics that occurred in recent centuries, why it occurred and its implications for national and global economic development policies, and the turnaround that has been taking place in recent decades.
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Perspective on the Causes of the Global Financial Crises

This paper highlights the contribution of an over reliance on interest rates in western economies to control national economies, to the global imbalances that underpinned the global financial crisis.
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Anticipating the Global Financial Crisis

Current soul searching in the economics profession about failures to predict and avoid the current global financial crisis, highlight the significance of an article by Bill Cummings published in the Cairns Post in May 2007 expressing concern about whether the Australian Treasury, The Reserve Bank and the economics profession in general were 'getting it right'.
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Globalisation & Northern Australia

Understanding the impacts of world economics on the regions of Northern Australia and subsequent impacts on the national economy.
Paper presented by W.S.Cummings to the Inaugural Regional Research Colloquium, Canberra 19 Feb 2004.
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Behind Cairns Growth

"A Successful Regional Economic Development Strategy" paper presented by W.S. Cummings to the Economic Society of Australia Conference of Economists, Gold Coast, September 1994
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The Tropical Turnaround

"The Impact of a Successful Northern Australia on Australia's Economic Progress & Policies Since the 1960's. Paper presented by W.S.Cummings to the Economic Society of Australia Conference of Economists, Gold Coast, July 2000.
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Development Vs Tourism
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Population Brings Services
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Regional Road Building Needs a Boost
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Economic Importance of Community and Lifestyle Services
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Population Projections
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Cardiac Surgery - A Cat to Catch Mice
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A Thousand Kilometers North to Saibai
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Economic Policy Direction Concerns
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Economic Growth
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Time for Review
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Papua New Guinea and Roads
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Economic Development in Indigenious Communities
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The Economic Situation
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Faith in the Region
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Beware of Economic Snobbery
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Keeping Things in Perspective
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It's an Ill Wind

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Economic Stimulus Package
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Need for Strong Regional Organisations
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Where the Water Is
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Vibrant Regional Centres Strengthen Cairns' Growth
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The Cairns Region, Looking Forward to 2020 & 2050
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Cairns' Strong Growth Continues
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Mining Resurgence
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Creative Cairns
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Climate Change Proposal
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Decentralising Decision Making
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Environmental Tourism
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Aviation Sector & Mining & Gas Developments in Papua New Guinea
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A Note on Agriculture Potential in Northern Australia
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