W S (Bill) Cummings - Partner

Bill Cummings is a highly experienced regional business economist. He was born and educated in Cairns and took an Economics Degree from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, in 1961, with majors in economics, accounting and maths/statistics/statistical mathematics. This was followed by seven years experience in economic research in Canberra as a research officer with the Department of Trade and as the research officer of the Australian Chamber of Commerce. He returned north in 1968 and spent five years as Manager of the Ingham District Research & Promotion Bureau followed by eight years as Manager of the Far North Queensland Development Bureau and its Sub Board for Tourism & Travel now Tourism Tropical North Queensland. He set up his own economic and market research business in 1981. Apart from carrying out wide ranging economic and market research covering almost all aspects of the economy (especially in Australia’s tropical north east), he has served on numerous boards and committees over the years, including as Deputy Chairman of the North Australia Development Council and on the Council of James Cook University of North Queensland.
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Janet Cummings - Partner

Janet Cummings was born in Townsville and educated in Townsville and Cairns. Her career has included school teaching, professional theatre and broadcasting. Since 1981, as partner, her key roles in the firm have related to report production, quality control and staff supervision

Jennifer Brownie - Research Consultant

Jennifer Brownie holds a Bachelor of Business (Rural Management) from the University of Queensland. Jennifer's business experience has included the multinational company of Cargill, as a Commercial Manager with the Australian Wheat Board and experience in setting up and conduct of rural centres' Chambers of Commerce.

Jennifer has carried out a great deal of business / industry research for Cummings Economics, especially in mining, rural industries, energy, transport and road studies. She is highly experienced in executive interviewing, corporate and industry research.

Andrew Cummings - Technical

Modern economic & market research operates with a large amount of computer, electronic & communications equipment and teams of part-time interviewers and research assistants. Andrew Cummings is highly experienced in setting up and maintaining computer, network and communication systems, website creation and maintenance, website research, automated data colation and analysis as well as coordination of research teams.

Research Teams

The firm draws regularly on a trained and highly experienced team of ten research assistants and interviewers to carry out large information, economic and market research tasks.